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  Welcome to the Porsche Page

Like a lot of other guys, I'm addicted to speed. It does not matter in what kind of a car I'm driving, I will always push the car to the limit. This need for speed is the reason why I'm fascinated by the most powerful car in the world: Porsche. I have driven many Porsches: 356's, 928's, 944's. But the 911 is my favorite. Not only because of it's performance. But also because of it's design.

It is not difficult to make a Porsche site. Many articles are written about Porsche. Even more photos have been published. Most enthusiasts do not own a Porsche. That's why many sites are very boring.

There is nothing wrong with that. Porsche enthusiasts keep the spirit alive. Persons who owns a Porsche wants more. They want to learn more about the car they own. This site will give more information about:

The classic 911 (1966)

History of Porsche