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The Beginning


The 911 was very good next step in the history of Porsche. The 911 preserve the essence of earlier Porsches while setting a new and entirely higher standard of engineering and design. It was the first road going Porsche with more than four cylinders. The engine was a horizontally opposed air-cooled type, placed behind the rear wheels.

The 911 originated as Project 695. Planning began in 1956. At first, the new model was seen not as a 356 replacement but as a larger four-seat car with performance comparable to that of the Carrera. Ferry Porsche changed his mind about the size of the four-seater. What he did want, was a roomier, more luxurious Carrera.

Designated Type 901, the new Porsche greeted the world at the Frankfurt Automobile Show in September 1963. There were so many rumors circulating they were forced to show the car in a early stage. the name "901" was chosen to suggest a new direction. Peugeot claimed a right to three-digit model numbers with middle zeros and threatened to prevent a 901 from being sold in France so 911 badges were substituted before sales began.

As with every 356 evolution, the 911 garnered mixed initial reactions from confirmed Porsche enthusiasts, though most soon grew to accept it and, inevitably, respect it.